Welcome to the GMK Maintenance App

Your feedback is important for us

This version of the GMK Maintenance App is a test version. It includes actual GMK models.
Please test the App and give us your feedback. We would like to take care of your suggestions and wishes in the further development of this application.

Important notice

This maintenance manual is not designed to replace proper training and instructions. Maintenance personnel for this truck crane must have the relevant, specialist knowledge and that of proper safety procedures!
Please read Chapters 1 and 2 of the maintenance manual of you crane carefully before beginning maintenance work. The Maintenance App uses the maintenance plans of the maintenance manuals and therefore only covers those maintenance tasks depending on an maintenance interval.
In addition, there are also maintenance tasks which are not related to an maintenance interval (e.g. if a symbol is displayed in the CCS start menu, country specific regulations for periodic inspections, monitoring of the theoretical life of the winch or longer out of time periods). For this type of maintenance tasks please observe your maintenance manual. Please also note the run-in regulations and cleaning of your crane in the maintenance manual. The maintenance manual has also information about torques for retaining bolts.